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Blühende Landschaften AG

Carefully designed natural landscapes and habitats. Biodiverse, participatory and sustainably managed. Designed natural landscapes show us what it means as humans to have a positive influence on a habitat. All it takes is good design and long-term care. As a reward, we experience well-being and variety. Biodiversity: Our gardens and grounds are rich in species, from the ground to the treetops, inspired by nature, condensed and designed for the long-term development of flora and fauna. Participation: People should be involved and participate. We take the respective utilisation needs into account in our natural landscapes, with paths, squares, observation stations or sports facilities such as pump tracks, outdoor fitness, etc. We take great pleasure in planning school and educational gardens. Sustainability: Biodiversity and participation are not self-evident; they require care and dialogue with many stakeholders. We ensure both. We also document the development of our plants in a scientifically sound manner. Among other things, this allows us to demonstrate and communicate the human influence, while at the same time enabling targeted changes to be made where necessary. Offer: Design, construction, maintenance and management. We offer everything from a single source. Thanks to our excellent network of specialists, we can find the best solution for all your requirements. Customers: Housing estates, schools, public spaces, companies, private individuals: From housing cooperatives to private developers and the public sector, we work with anyone who is looking for species-rich, sustainably managed, exciting and participatory garden design.

Christof Studer

Christof Studer Founder and Managing Director

Damming streams, building a castle out of dead wood, chewing sour sorrel: Even in my earliest childhood, I loved to immerse myself in forests, meadows and gardens – and all too often forgot the time. The latter hardly ever happens to me anymore, what remains is my love of nature. That’s what I want to convey today with my work as a landscape designer, to children and adults alike, I want to make nature tangible, tangible, tangible. Even where this is sometimes not easy, in urban and semi-urban areas.

You can immerse yourself in my gardens without a care in the world, while at the same time they stand for species conservation and biodiversity. Combining these two poles is the core of my approach. My entire wealth of professional experience flows into this: From my first career as a structural draughtsman and 3D decoration designer, I bring with me a keen sense of aesthetics; in my second career as a landscape gardener and head gardener, I learnt the trade from scratch and specialised in permaculture. Designing a beautiful garden and maintaining it sustainably – that is fulfilment for me.