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Moving consciously in the garden

Health and increased well-being thanks to AlexanderTechnique and physiotherapy

Our body is the vehicle we need to lead our lives and do our work. Those who know how to utilise their body functionally and economically build a strong foundation for its sustainable use. When we move in a coordinated manner, we prevent incorrect strain and injuries and can significantly improve recovery.

The BbiG team provides instructions on working with loads, gives specific tips on how to bend down frequently, how to integrate breathing and offers basic physiological knowledge.

Jeanine Ebnöther Trott movement artist and teacher of the F.M.Alexander Technique SBAT

Gabriel Horsch BSc Physiotherapy martial artist, Shiatsu, SE and physiotherapist


Lorenz De Vallier Lokalhof

Operation for urban economy and education:
Design through regenerative management and maintenance.
Steering local biomass through cascading utilisation.
Develop cycles by recognising the connections.
Promoting cultural diversity.

Lokalhof Förrlibuckstrasse 237a/b
8005 Zürich


Fuchs & Igel is committed to nature-orientated garden design and maintenance. We harmonise people’s needs with nature.

By selecting plants and designing your garden in a natural way, we ensure that the natural cycles are closed and that we promote local biodiversity. This gives you a place that is both biologically valuable and customised to your needs, where you can relax and unwind.

We use low-emission resources in our work, as our aim is to avoid any negative impact on the environment.

Fuchs & Igel GmbH
Frankentalerstrasse 20
8049 Zürich

Soil & compost analyses for agriculture & garden

The soil is alive! The basis of healthy soil and therefore healthy plants is a functioning soil nutrient network.

The soil food web ensures the nutrient cycle, provides good soil structure, builds up humus and also breaks down pollutants.

We support people who garden naturally, regeneratively and organic gardening.

We determine and analyse the soil life and microbiology in your soil and compost and advise you on how to build and develop your soil. Healthy soil guarantees healthy plants and a rich harvest.

Soil samples, assessment and advice

Altervision GmbH
Weststrasse 175
8003 Zürich

Social settlement, district and neighbourhood development

Settlement identity for existing properties and new buildings

Processes and projects to promote lively, homely and peaceful neighbourhoods.

For example, outdoor projects:
→ Consultancy on the drawing board for a use-conflict-free outdoor space
→ Information events to raise awareness Sensitisation: (near-natural) garden design
→ Appropriation processes: Urban gardening, walk-throughs

Katharina Barandun
Nora Howald

shereida – that‘s Nina, phytotherapist and organic farmer, and her team. We have been producing high-quality wild herb products for health and everyday life for seven years. We pass on our knowledge and craftsmanship in seminars and workshops. The processing facility, wild herb residence and small self-catering farm is located on the outskirts of St.Gallen, in the middle of the forest.

Our pioneering spirit lives a contemporary and applicable relationship to wildness, demonstrates self-sufficiency in Switzerland and promotes a revitalisation of wild herbs for health.

This message, packaged in the “shereida” project, drives us forward!

Nina Shereida
Oberloch 313
9008 St.Gallen

Metall Werk Zürich AG is your partner for innovative metal construction solutions.

We develop, design, visualise, plan and realise properties and conversions – entirely according to your wishes.

Whether architecture, art, marketing, stage, events, interior design: Metall Werk Zürich AG operates in many fields and is recommended for trade fair construction, installations, special constructions and much more.

Metall Werk Zürich AG
Binzmühlestrasse 170a
8050 Zürich

OFFCUT is a network with material markets in Zurich, Basel, Bern and St.Gallen. At the material markets, we collect leftover materials that are suitable for creative recycling in order to keep them in circulation and extend their lifespan. We are open to private individuals, institutions and companies as donors and customers. In courses and workshops, we raise awareness of resource conservation and the circular economy and impart knowledge on processing and design techniques.

OFFCUT Zurich’s studio for sustainable scenography consistently uses recycled materials for new design purposes. New exhibitions, sculptures and installations are created from leftover materials and second-hand components.

OFFCUT offers forward-looking and action-orientated impulses for a process of social change. We inspire sustainable and ecological design that makes sense and is even fun!

Badenerstrasse 757
8048 Zürich

Wildwuchs – Association for the Promotion of Biodiversity

The wild perennial nursery in Zurich

We combine a passion for native wild perennials with the aim of greening Zurich and the surrounding area for the future. We not only produce a wide range of native plants, but also offer customised advice that promote biodiversity and create habitats.

Our offer:
→ Production and sale of native wild perennials for a resilient and aesthetic design of your green spaces.
→ Expert advice and design of biodiversity-promoting gardens and other green spaces

Our aim is to create liveable places with practical solutions that are aesthetic, resilient and biodiverse at the same time.

Reckenholzstrasse 150
8046 Zürich

Light is the building material for atmosphere, it can be shaped and modelled.

We use light to stage interior and exterior spaces, emphasise, order and rhythmise architecture, guide the eye and visitors through the room, or tell the story of things long past.

ARGE Gradation & SEKTOR4 is a consortium of two manufacturer-independent lighting design offices. We develop lighting concepts and luminaire designs. We stage spaces in architecture.

ARGE Gradation & SEKTOR4
Am Wasser 87
8049 Zürich