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School garden Sils im Domleschg

2020: An unused football pitch. A committed school council president. And a community where everyone pulled together in favour of biodiversity and the children. As a result, a huge biodiversity paradise was created on the school grounds of the municipality of Sils im Domleschg, where people and nature interact and everyone benefits from each other. The special thing about it: The children were involved in all phases – from concept to realisation.

Goal: A wildflower meadow for bees – that was the dream of the children in Sils im Domleschg. The aim of the project was to show the children how their vision of a child-friendly and biodiverse school environment could be realised. Their entry for the “Bees4Paradise” competition organised by Wildbiene + Partner was created with a great deal of passion. The effort paid off: as the winner of the competition, Sils primary school was able to realise the project in 2020 and introduce target species.

Photos: Zsigmond Toth